Ninja Nails is currently a home based business in Gawler East.
I offer sculpted acrylic nails using the inverted nail system.

Traditional sculpted nails are available, but I highly recommend inverted molds above all others. They cost the same and are a much more effective finish.

I only use a liquid monomer and polymer powder system. I do not provide gel nail enhancements. I do use gel top coat for certain nail art applications.

I offer a wide range pre disigned nail tips and nail art applications. From the simple, to the down right crazy! If you can dream it, I can most likely do it. I have an ever growing collection of glitters, jewels, clay sticks, tattoos etc. So don't be shy.

Got some fake nails that you bought from the shops and you want  them to last for longer than 1 night? No problem. Bring them to me and I can apply them with acrylic for you. Your natural nails will be prepped just like with normal acrylics to ensure they last, and the fake nails will be custom trimmed for the perfect fit. Due to the thickness and shape of the fake nails, you will begin to notice lifting after about a week and they will need to be removed after about 2 and a half weeks. But hey thats a hell of alot better than them popping off on the first night.  

Acrylic Nail removal. I use a gentle but effective acetone bath that is enriched with vitamin E. Clients with gel top coat will have to have the gel filed off first, as it will not dissolve in the acetone. Some nail salons use plastic nail tips to push under the extension and rip away from the natural nail. This can be very painful and very bad for your nails. I never use this method and never will.



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