Ninja Nails

Welcome to Ninja Nails

Come and enjoy a new take on nail application. From simple elegant French tips, to popular glitter and colour blends and even eye catching 3D nail art. Theres something to cater for everyones unique style and tastes.

Using a new and exiting method of application called "Inverted Molds" design possibilities are endless. Not to mention no more lengthy filing sessions and bleeding cuticles. These molds are not the duel system nails or "popits" that you may have heard of. The molds I use are from the UK (not china), as thin as a hair, uniquely shaped and bond with the acrylic to become part of the finished nail extension. The end result is a very shiny, durable, acrylic nail.

This technique has been sweeping Europe, America and other countries for the past 5 years, and recently even Sydney have discovered the fantastic versatility of IMs.

Now it is my great pleasure to provide this service to you.

Haley Stanner      Inverted Molds Nail Tech      

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