Inverted Molds 

So what are IMs? What makes them so special? Where are they from? How do they work? Why should I get them instead of my normal acrylics? Well lets start at the beginning.

Inverted molds (or IMS for short) are specially designed molds that cover your whole nail. All of the acrylic sculpting is done within the mold. The acrylic bonds with the mold so that it becomes part of the finished nail extension, leaving a super smooth and shiny finish that protects the acrylic nail beneath it. Absolutely no glue is used with IMs, they bond to the nail with acrylic.

What makes IMs so special is their shape. They have a bumped end and a sloped end. When trimmed correctly they are so versatile that they can fit any nail. Even extreme nail biters can now have a beautiful set of acrylic nails. The molds are also very very thin. Infact it takes at least 10 IMs to make up the same thickness of a standard plastic tip.

IMs are made by a company called ENUK which is based in England. They have been around for about 5 years and have been most famously used at "The Nail Lounge" in the UK. they are the original and only supplier of Inverted Molds. IMs are not the same as other applications  such as duel systems and popits. These methods use a thick, reusable plastic mold that is removed once the acrylic has cured. The down side to these methods is that its very hard to get an exact fit as the molds only come in a few sizes and can not be trimmed to custom fit. Often the result is overlapping acrylic on the skin which can lead to over exposure and lifting. Also they tend to have weak spots and break/chip very easily.

Why should you get IMs instead of traditional acrylics? Well they cost the same as a normal set of acrylic nails. You don't have to sit through lengthy filing and buffing sessions that often leave your fingers sore and cuticles bleeding. Nail techs could spend hours filing and buffing your nails and still not achieve as smooth and perfect finish as you get with IMs. So really you have got nothing to loose and lots to gain.

I myself am not somebody who is easily convinced about new things, just by someone "telling" me how great it is. I need to see something working before I'll believe in it. I was doing traditional acrylic nails for 6 years before I discovered IMs. Even after watching many videos and reading many blogs on IMs, I was interested but still skeptical. I decided to buy the IMs to test on myself and after 3 weeks my first set were ready for a refill, with no lifting or breakage insight! Its safe to say I have not looked back since. All i can say is that, if you enjoyed getting your nails done before, your gonna love it now. If you like having nails, but always hated having them done cause of the filing. You have nothing to fear anymore.

I present to you........

The Inverted Nail System    

a very big thanks to ENUK for the video and Leanne your nails are the bomb girl xx 

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